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Which is the best Kent RO Water Purifier Model?

 Best Kent RO Water Purifier Model varies from person to person. Because, the water purifier must be selected depending on raw Water Quality. We recommend for low TDS raw water (below 500 ppm), Kent RO + UV + UF + TDS Control Water Purifier may be considered. In case of high TDS over 500 ppm Kent RO + UF + TDS Control Water Purifier, should work satisfactoryly.

Where can I use Kent UV Water Purifiers?

Ultra Violet (UV) rays gives anti biological dosing in the water. Meaning, if the raw water quality is good (below 200 ppm) which is generally supplied by municipal corporations, these water purifiers provide a safety shield in case of any virus or bacteria that may be present in water. Please keep in mind that these type of water purifiers do not reduce the TDS and hence will not change the taste of water. Find the best Kent UV Water Purifier models here.

Where Can I buy Kent Gold Spare Filter Set?

If you want to buy the full set of Sediment Filter, Carbon Granule and UF Membrane Click Here